Operation Santa Claus

Give Christmas Gifts & Cheer

Operation Santa Claus (OCS) provides gifts for members of the Friendship and Open Door Clubs, CARASTAR group homes, day treatment and CHOICES’ programs, area foster homes, and residents of state mental health facilities. Examples of gifts that we give include:

Clothes for Him
Shirts, pants, pajamas, underwear, socks, sweaters, etc.

Clothes for Her
Blouses, sweaters, pajamas, socks, purses, gowns, etc.

Arts & Craft
Painting and art supplies, DIY kits (e.g., educational, craft, jewelry), etc.

A Long-Standing Tradition

Started in 1952 by MHA volunteer Alice Kidd, the event is an annual gift drive to benefit individuals served by the mental health system. Organizers felt the project would be a worthwhile way to ensure gifts would be distributed to individuals who may not have family with whom to share the holidays.

Thank You, Donors!

It takes everyone working together to make sure that those who have mental illness are not forgotten during the holidays. So much love and spirit was put into OSC, and everyone was so excited to see Santa Claus and his elves and to receive their Christmas presents! We hope to continue this momentum of sharing this love and spirit with our beloved consumers for the next year!

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