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Become a Bellringer!

Your donations support our initiatives while we continue in our efforts to promote mental health, coping, and recovery.

How to Become a Bellringer

Not too long ago, people with mental illness in our country were literally locked up in chains. Mental Health America (MHA) put a stop to this cruel practice when we melted down these inhumane bindings and recast them into what is now the symbol of MHA: the Mental Health Bell, which you can see in our logo.

By donating as little as $5 per month, you are ringing the bell for victory over mental illness.

Here are some of the ways your donation supports MHA-M programs:

$25 provides one basic mental well-being screening.

$50 provides breakfast for one day in our Friendship Club program.

$100 allows us to provide transportation to and from our Friendship Club program.

$150 provides lunch for one day in our Open Door Club program.

$200 provides arts and crafts supplies for enrichment activities in our Open Door Club Program.

$500 helps us run our summer mental health program for kids.

The need is great is there is much more work to be done. Can you count on you to become a Bellringer and help us achieve mental well-being for all?